Foreskin Restoration Videos

Eros TV Show: Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration

Great foreskin restoration video (YouTube wants you to be 18 to view, though). And yes, this was aired on Canadian television.

When a woman slices open her chest to have silicone pumped in to alter her body in an unnatural way, we Americans think that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. But when a man wants to reclaim some of the functions of a natural healthy body part that was stolen from his body without his permission, then we think that is weird? What a hypocritical double standard! What really is weird is having to live in a culture that sanctions mass forced partial genital amputations.

200 Days of Foreskin Restoration Pictures In 14 Seconds

This is 200 days of timelapse pictures of my foreskin restoration progress. I take the pictures once a week (seven at a time).

My story:

I was two days old when a doctor cut my penis for no medical reason. She amputated 70% of my penile skin (a “tight, American circumcision.”)

25 years later, I found out I could grow more skin, by applying tension each day, restoring some of my penis’ natural functionality.

I was so shocked by the improvements, that I decided to document the process to raise awareness about genital mutilation and give hope to other men who are suffering the ill effects of circumcision.

Benefits: More skin = gliding action, no more tight painful erections, vastly more enjoyable sex and masturbation. De-keratinization or de-callousing of the glans and inner skin returns the dried-up, calloused circumcised penis into its natural state — a moist, smooth, sensitive mucous membrane with greatly improved capacity for pleasure.

Also watch to the end of the video for a special message to the corrupt, no-ethics medical organizations continuing to push the barbarity of child sexual cutting, such as AAP, ACOG, AMA, AAFP, and CPS.

Special thanks to: Intactivists, ethical medical professionals, and my fellow restorers… K.O.T.!


Some restored foreskin action. He plays with his foreskin before he shoves it inside her. She seems to enjoy what he does with his foreskin and cock.

Thanks for the submission.

Here is a short video of my restored foreskin taking care of my partner. I’ve restored my foreskin enough where I have full coverage when flaccid. I can pull my foreskin partially over my glans when erect. The nicest part (and what my girlfriend enjoys) is the gliding action of my foreskin as I go in and out. Normally I go deep and stay deep, but that would not make for a good video. Hope you enjoy it.

YouTube: ThePenisProject:
Foreskin Restoration Progress - Four Years

Time-lapse footage showing the slow but steady progress you will encounter with foreskin restoration. It is not difficult, just time-consuming! I have taken four years so far, with another three anticipated (Coverage Index 9, please see index link below.) 

Primary method has been manual stretching, with occasional use of a Dual Tension Restorer, or DTR. With current skin quantity, I am now able to gain by using only manual stretching just a few hours per day. 

Please ensure you have no health problems that could result in self-injury before embarking on such a project. 

No affiliation, but these sites have been super helpful on my quest: 


Great page on devices used:

Coverage Index Chart:…



Applying T-tape for foreskin restoration

Instructional video showing how to apply t-tape for foreskin restoration.

T-Taping is a method of restoring a circumcised or short foreskin.  The T-tape is applied to the foreskin a certain way in order to tension the foreskin with an elastic band that is clipped to the tape.  The name comes from the shape of the tape before it is applied to the skin. The sticky part forms the top of the T and the descending part of the T is a folded over portion of tape. The sticky part of the tape is attached to the skin and the folded portion of the tape is attached to the elastic tensioning device.



Ron Low, inventor of the TLC Tugger, discusses foreskin restoration, genital integrity and human rights.

TLC Tugger sells foreskin restoration devices. Ron Low also runs the Foreskin-Restoration & Intactivism Net forum.


Manual Tugging: Method 1

The video shows a guy restoring his foreskin by pinching the skin at the tip of his skin tube. He applies tension by pulling that skin away from him while holding his shaft skin. He does this several times a day and is having good progress restoring his foreskin.


Video showing a circumcised man installing an inflation device to restore his foreskin. When he started several years ago, he had a tight circumcision. Inflation as a tugging method is an advanced technique. Look at him now. Tugging is making a difference.


Foreskin restoration video of a guy who has been restoring for about 5-1/2 months. His foreskin coverage index was CI-2 when he started. Now he has enough slack skin to pull it up over his corona. When I got this much coverage, I changed my masturbation technique: no more lube, just pulling my slack skin over my corona. WOW. That sure felt good. I am sure he is enjoying his new slack skin. It only gets better.


5 1/2ish Months


Up-close look at a restored foreskin. The video show a guy who is restoring his foreskin. His restored foreskin glides back and forth just like an intact one. He has done a good job of restoring, but I understand he wants his foreskin to be longer so he has more erect coverage.